National Award


Through the years many people have given much of their time and energy to advancing the field of photography. The efforts of these dedicated individuals has benefited photography immeasurably. Yet, for all of their hard work and contributions, they ask nothing more than to improve the profession and help those involved in this exciting field.

In 1958, Jim Hampson, a member of the PPA Board of Directors under President Louis F. Garcia recommended that these valuable supporters of photography should be recognized for their exceptional contributions. That Board then created the National Award.

Every year, PPA makes this prestigious award available to its State, Regional, National and International affiliates who may present it to a deserving individual. The national Award is to be presented by the highest ranking elected PPA official present.

While PPA provides many awards, programs and benefits to its affiliates, the National Award is for people who go beyond what is expected of them. It does not matter if they are a member of PPA, or if they are employed in the field of photography. What matters is that they cared enough about our craft to help improve it.

This award is the highest award that can be given, as it is granted by the affiliate, not earned through merits by the individual. The National Award shall never be given lightly, or given just to give it

The inscription on the plaque, “For service to professional photography” means “thank you for their time, their talents and most of all, their loyalty to professional photography”. PPA is pleased to share with PPARI in the presentation of the coveted National Award. It is a pleasure to join in this celebration to honor these dedicated individuals who have given so much time and energy to advancing the field of photography.

Past National Award Recipients

1958 Norman Watson Charter Member, Historian

1959 Merrill Smith First President, 1952-53, Charter Member

1960 Connie McDonnell Secretary May 1956-1987, Joined PPA 1953

1961 Jack Drew President 1955-56, 1956-57

1962 Elizabeth Richardson Charter Member, President 1959-60, 1960-61

1963 Stanley Szelka Charter Member, President 1957-58, 1958-59

1964 Earl Davis Second Secretary 1954-55

1965 Joseph Macari President 1967-68

1966 Frank DeLuca President 1961-62, 1964-65

1967 Frank W. Cimino President 1972-73, Treasurer May 1973- Jan 1992

1968 Peter Castiotta President 1966-67

1969 Ed Tenczar President 1963-64

1970 Frank Lefebvre President 1965-66

1971 John Gaspar President 1968-69 Gloria Gaspar Treasurer 1968-69, 1972-73

1972 Ted Pickering Program Book Chairman 3 times

1973 George Champagne Sr. First Secretary 1952-53, President 1954-55

1974 John Swanberg President 1971-72

1975 Rudy Graziani President 1973-74

1976 Ben Folgo Founder of RI School of Photography

1977 Guy Grube President 1974-75

1978 Frank Giuliano President 1975-76

1979 Ray Gallo President 1970-71

1980 Don Folgo President 1976-77

1981 James Robbins President 1977-78, 1978-79

1982 George Rosa Hallmark Color Labs

1983 No National Award presented from this date until 1992

1992 Peter Lapolla President 1981-83, Historian 1987 –

1993 Sal Genuario President 1983-85

1994 Gary Thibeault President 1987-89, Rudy Award 1992- State Rep to PPANE 1985-1991, PPANE President 1999, RI NEIPP Trustee 2001 to 2008. Treasurer 2000 to present.

2003 – Bob Fontaine,  President 1998-2000, RI NEIPP Trustee 1993 to 2000

2008 – Diane Miller Yeatman – PPARI President  1994-1996

2010 – Tod Margolis – PPARI President 2006 – 2008

2012 – Sandra M. Thibeault, Secretary 2001 to Present, NEIPP Secretary 2009, Rudy Award 1992,

2013 – Phillip Frink – PPARI President 2010 – 2012

2014 – Karen Bernard – PPARI President 2000 – 2002