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The boards of directors are often asked by photographers who are considering joining our association, “What’s in it for me?” “What kind of benefits do I get?” “What am I getting in return for my $200?”

We usually tell them that it will be the best investment of $200 that they will ever make.

Let’s take into consideration some measurable benefits:

 Attendance at our annual convention – (and entry into the print competition for a small entry fee)

Two (2) full-day seminars, including print competitions

Four FREE evening seminars

Membership listing of PPARI Website with Name, Address, Phone number, email address and link to your website. (feature coming 3/2017)

 Social events:

December Holiday party

July Social Event – Changes each year.


When it comes to speakers at conventions and seminars, PPARI takes a back seat to no other state in the country.

Now let’s talk about all those INTANGIBLE benefits:

a) Knowledge gained through all of the above means.

b) Networking –Jobs (Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, parties, dances, etc, ) referred to you by other PPARI members

c) Lifelong friendships.

d)  Need to borrow a lens? Could use some advice concerning a problem with a client? Refer to ‘c’ above.


And, another very important thing!!!!! The photography industry is undergoing its most significant technological changes, ever! Those of us who do not keep up with all these changes will be left by the wayside. Education through seminars, conventions, and personal contact with fellow photographers who are keeping up with the latest “state-of- the-art” technological trends will be of utmost importance if we are to merely survive … never mind flourish!

What do you get for your $200 investment? If you’ve read this far, you don’t even have to ask.

And, remember… one idea from, one seminar, or from one association member can pay for your entire year’s membership.