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Message from the President, Jackie Nelson

Hello everyone,

I want to start out by saying it was great seeing you all at our 2018 convention! I want to thank all the members of the board for AGAIN putting on a great event! Image competition, our speakers, vendors, members, and food….Fantastic!

The awards banquet was nice, I always love seeing who wins the judges awards. Great job entering, and if you didn’t enter this year start your image competition folder now! We have some information coming out that is going to help us all with image competition next year.

We look forward to bringing you another action packed year of education and social events. Please feel free in invite a guest to any of our 2 hour monthly programs. Keep an eye on our web page, and social media pages for all the latest.

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for reaching out to send myself and Melissa well wishes and congratulations on our newborn son, Grayson Miles Nelson. Born on March 7th and weighed 9lbs 10oz. He is doing well and surely has changed our lives. Again thank you all so much!



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Special Offer from Hunt’s

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New CPP’s

Congratulations to PPARI Board Members Bailey Fox of Bailey Fox Photography and Kim DiIuro of Kimberli Photography on becoming PPA Certified Professional Photographers! Bailey is our current Ways and Means Chairperson and Webmaster, and Kim is our current Newsletter Editor.

Bailey Fox

Kim DiIuro





Hunt’s Education

Hunt’s Photo & Video offers classes and photo walks on a regular basis. Visit http://edu.huntsphoto.com/ for a complete listing. Below are a few upcoming events.

Creative Lighting with Speedlights with Tony Gale

Saturday & Sunday, April 21st & 22nd, Hunt’s Photo Melrose. Join award winning pro photographer Tony Gale for a two-day workshop covering creative lighting with speedlights. We will go from on-camera to off-camera and include modifying your speedlight for the best results. Photographers of all skill levels are encouraged to attend.

Hunt’s Photo Adventure: The City of New York

Wednesday May 2nd – Sunday May 6th. With an emphasis on the history and photographic possibilities of the city including The Brooklyn Bridge, DUMBO Park, The 9/11 Memorial, Times Square, Rockefellar Plaza, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Ellis Island.  Trip includes lodging, In-field instruction during each excursion, Image Review & Critiques.

Capturing Your Pooch’s Personality

Saturday, April 7th at Hunt’s Photo, Melrose. Very few things melt the heart like a great photo of a dog, and photographing these loving companions can be a challenging endeavor. Join lifelong dog owner and Hunt’s Photo Educator Emily Hojnowski as she covers the best practices for taking better photographs of dogs that will help you capture a more beautiful portrait of your pooch!

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Program Recap

2018 PPARI Annual Convention



A big thank you to our 2018 convention sponsors! This event would not be possible without you! 

April Program: Social Media by Jen Vondenbrink

We welcomed Jen back for a second program on using social media to boost your business.

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Upcoming PPARI Programs

May Program

Click this link to register: https://ppari.wildapricot.org/event-2884161

come learn about IPS and how to sell wall portraits

June Program


Introduction to creating for print competition 


Radisson Hotel Providence | (2081 Post Road, Warwick, RI)‎

From concept to basic creation. Instructor Judy Reinford will cover how to start the creative process to come up with ideas, how to find source images and start putting it all together into a story that will turn into your final work of art. Things discussed will be perspective, lighting, and size of each image, how these play a key role in fitting together for the final piece. She will also cover the 6 best tools to use in Photoshop for composting that will also improve your daily editing techniques for client work. 

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Super 1 Day

May 7

Posing and Lighting to Flatter Any Subject  Brandi Morgan, M.Photog., CPP

May 12

Creative Portrait Lighting In studio  Bailey Fox, CPP 

May 21

Environmental Photography for all lighting situations using Speedlights  Brandi Morgan, M.Photog., CPP

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Seven Steps to Becoming a Certified Professional Photographer

by April Kroenke, M.Photog, Cr., CPP, AFP-OR

As more and more of students have joined my CPP Study Group and are passing the CPP exam, I have had many others ask, “How do you even begin to get your CPP?” So to answer this question I have put together seven steps to starting your CPP journey.  

First, I want to congratulate you for wanting to take this next step in your photographic journey. When starting down this path, it is essential to keep in mind that this is all about giving yourself the confidence in your abilities and taking your skills to the next level while demonstrating it your industry peers.   

Step 1 – You must be a member of PPA.

PPA is the governing body of the certification and to earn and maintain your CPP; you have to be an active member in good standing with PPA. Go to ppa.com to learn more about all the excellent member benefits including $15,000 in equipment insurance. 

Step 2 – Figure out WHY you want to earn your CPP.  

Your “Why” is very important!  Unless you have a “Why” to focus on as you start down this road, it will be very daunting—especially on those days that you feel like you want to give up and not finish.  It is in those times that you can look at your “Why” and refocus on it to continue through.  You will have those moments— keep focusing on your “Why.”  

For me, my “Why” was that I wanted to know I had the foundational knowledge that all photographers should possess. And I wanted my portfolio to demonstrate that application of that knowledge. I wanted my abilities to be reviewed by those in my industry so could tell me that I was working at a professional level.  I wanted that green light. 

Step 3 – Join a Study Group

Being part of a study group has been very successful for my students as they are preparing for the exam.  I would recommend the buying a study guide—there are two excellent ones I recommend. One is by my late friend Al Audleman, and the other is by Steve Kozak.  These are great resources.  You can find these two guides on linked my website located at http://www.aprilkroenke.com/cpp-mentorship.  

PPA has many other resources located at https://www.ppa.com/benefits/education/certification/exam-overview-and-resources.

Step 4 – Declare your candidacy with PPA.

Here is where you can find the application form to declare your candidacy with PPA and pay the $200 application fee.  When you apply for your candidacy, your 2-year time clock begins.  I would recommend that you do this in the weeks just before you plan to take the exam as it will give you the most amount of time to pass the exam and submit your portfolio for review. The link to declare your candidacy is here: https://www.ppa.com/benefits/education/certification/how-to-earn-your-certification

Step 5 – Find the nearest Exam.

You will find a listing of the exams in your area and the upcoming dates here http://ppa.formstack.com/forms/cpp_exam.  If you do not see a time, reach out to your State CPP Liaison. If you are in a remote area and will not have the ability to get to a location to take the exam, PPA has just launched this year for 2018 the ability to take the test online for an added $25. Also new in 2018 is the ability to take the test in Spanish if that is your preferred language.

The exam will cover the following topics (in the following percentages):

Camera, Lenses and Attachments – 12%

Exposure and Meters – 15%

Lighting – 25%

Composition and Design – 25%

Digital Post Production – 13%

Image Capture and Output – 10%

There are 100 questions on the exam, and you have 2 hours to take the exam.  You must earn at least a 70 out of 100 to pass and move onto the portfolio portion. If you score less than 70 on the exam, you will find out the areas that you need to work more on.  You will have to wait 30 days before you can retake the exam.  You can take the exam as many times as you need to pass in your two year period. Once submitted, results will take 2-3 weeks after the exam date and arrive via email.

Step 6 – Join the CPP Image Review Facebook Group 

You can join this closed group once you have passed the exam. Please note that this is not a PPA-endorsed page, but it has many CPP Liaisons that run the page.  This group has been an excellent resource for those who want to have feedback on their images as they prepare them for submission.

Step 7 – Image Submission

The second part of certification is the portfolio review.  Your image portfolio will need to include 15 images; 6 Compulsory and 9 Client.  The 6 compulsory images will demonstrate a standard of technical proficiency that all professional photographers regardless of their niche should know. Mandatory images must contain the following: Short lighting 3:1 ratio, Broad Lighting 3:1 ratio, Selective focus with minimal depth of field. 3 Elective images from the following: High Key, Low Key, Rule of Thirds, Use of Shape, Form, and Texture, Balance (symmetrical or asymmetrical), Color Harmony, “S” Curve Line, Assertive, Angular, or Masculine Line, Architectural. The other nine images will come from your client work over the last 24 months.  For specific requirements and resources, refer to https://www.ppa.com/benefits/education/certification/image-submission-overview.

Time to Party

You have passed the exam and the portfolio review!!! Congratulations!!!! Now it is time to party and reward yourself for all the blood, sweat and tears you have put into earning your CPP.  

Good luck and I look forward to seeing your growth as you start your CPP journey.  

Author’s Bio:

April Kroenke, M.Photog, Cr., CPP, AFP-OR, is recognized by both her clients and peers worldwide for her modern yet authentic photography.  From beauty shoots to family pictures, high school senior portraits to personal branding and military events, she can provide her clients with photography for every avenue of their lives.  Since becoming a CPP Liaison, April has been on a mission to help others along their CPP journey, while helping to raise the tide of our industry. April has taught several Professional Photographers of America Super One Day classes, to the SW District of Professional Photographers of Washington and many classes offered through Oregon Professional Photographers of Association.

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Vendor Highlight

Backgrounds by Maheu

Located right in Harrisville, RI, David Maheu creates custom painted canvas and muslin photography backdrops, which are endorsed by many premier professional photographers. Visit www.backgroundsbymaheu.com to view the many styles and colors offered.


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Al’s Corner

Al Weems is a long time member of PPARI who will be contributing feature articles. 

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