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Message from the President, Deb Bettencourt

Hello! By the time you read this HALF of 2019 will be behind us. They say the days go slow but the years go fast. I think the days go fast and the years faster! Where did you think you’d be by mid-2019? Did you create a roadmap to guide your way, or just hope you’d move ahead? “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. At Convention in March, Tim Cameron inspired me to pursue my Certified Professional Photographer’s designation. And the changes they’ve made to the program make it more straightforward than ever. I have to admit I haven’t signed up yet but I will have the CPP process underway in 2019.

With Convention in the rearview mirror, and understanding that PPARI exists to serve our members, our Board will be working on updating and clarifying our Mission and Vision this month. Next will be translating that into programs and features that best serve our existing members and attract new members. I welcome your emails and input right now, and throughout the process, about how we can improve the Association and therefore help you improve. I urge you to participate when we seek feedback.

In the meantime we have great speakers and programs planned for the next few months. Please join us. Each of us brings something special to the success of our Association and it’s not the same without you!

So, enjoy these months of sunny days, soft warm nights and rejuvenating time off. Get out and try something new, dust off those New Year’s Goals and take concrete steps to making them happen! I am excited for the day I can add CPP to my sign-off :0)


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Don’t forget to support our convention sponsors! Our educational events would not be possible without them! 

Printmakers  *  Hunts Photo & Video  *  Millers Lab * ACI *  WHCC

Alien Skin * Blazing Editions * David Maheu Backgrounds * Frame It RI * Harold Burkholz * Nashville Wraps * Olympus * Sticky Albums


Shoot World Class Racing on Narragansett Bay

by Marcia Scables

“It will be the largest – ever gathering of 12 Meter yachts in the United States”

Learn more about the 12 Meter World Championship held in Newport, RI this summer.

Newport PhotoBoat.com is available for charter for all yachting events happening on Narraganset Bay this summer. Captain Doug is considered among the best chase boat drivers in New England.  Doug offers photographers creative freedom to shoot exactly the action you are looking for.

“Rule 1 of Action Photography – Be there, be ready” Daniel Forster, Forster Photography … and have a fast boat and the best driver. That would be Captain Doug and Newportphotoboat.com

Whether you decide to hold a workshop or a gathering of like minded photographers, you are guaranteed 
a day of exciting shooting against the backdrop of Newport, RI, Narragansett Bay, its bridges and lighthouses.

A typical photoshoot is 3 hours.  Up to 6 passengers.  Fee $650 per group.


Jul 06 – Jul 07     12MR PRE-WORLDS


Jul 15 – Jul 20   12 METRE JUBILEE

For more information about NewportPhotoBoat please visit our website at NewportPhotoBoat.com

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Upcoming PPARI Events

July Program

Registration Link: https://ppari.wildapricot.org/event-3376716

Marisa’s program “Sassy Mouth’s Guide to Hustle: Volume 1” provides 
attendees with an honest and relatable experience that brings them on 
the journey of her ever-growing business. Marisa openly shares her 
initial pitfalls and struggles that helped her learn and mold her 
business into something consumers are seeking out. She shares the 
secrets behind the successful use of her social media pages, tips and 
tricks to keep your work unique and true to your own style, and how to 
boost sales with confidence.

August Program

Registration Link: https://ppari.wildapricot.org/event-3456844

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